Welcome to Live Radiantly. This is a work in process -- a new adventure for sure. I hope you'll come again -- maybe even add your own thoughts now and then! Below, are my insights, ponderings, and lessons from life, along with resources I've found interesting along the way. King Solomon once wrote, "Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed." My goal is not to be the end all of wisdom but just to simply share my thoughts on life in the hopes that your life might be blessed by mine. My desire for you and me both is that we never start coasting, we never lay back and let life happen to us, but that we run at it together, with arms linked, charging into the days ahead robustly, living each day for all it's worth--each  in our own fully-realized uniqueness. I dream of a world where people are living healthy and wealthy in every way -- physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. I dream of us being a people who live radiantly! 

The Wisdom of Friends 

There’s always a solution! That’s a power truth. If the brain doesn’t think there’s a solution, it won’t look for a solution, and hope is always the beginning point of any change. there are no hopeless circumstances, only hopeless people.
— Steve Backlund