My Best Life Advice

It has taken me months to start blogging. It is a much more intimidating process than I expected, easy to keep putting off. But I keep hearing, Just start, so I shall. I dedicate this first blog to Abram, who has helped me so much with this website and has been so encouraging to me in all of this. Abram asked me a couple of months ago what one piece of life advice I would give him. I was quick to answer, Always look toward God—no matter what. Over the last two months, I’ve thought back to what I told him often and have not changed my mind about it. It’s the best advice I could give. No matter what happens in your life, no matter how confusing things may seem—even if you are doubting His very existence, always look towards Him for the answers. Challenge Him. Question Him. Just keep your face turned towards Him. It will make all the difference. Look in other places, and you’ll find yourself going on rabbit trails with high price tags. And from my perspective, the outcome difference is huge. It’s the best life advice I could give anyone.