A Good Word from Tony Escobar

[Tony Escobar is an Isagenix Millionaire. These words he penned today are powerful and applicable way beyond network marketing. They apply to anyone with a dream. If this speaks to you, let's connect!---Leslie]

Your business can be compared to a stool with four legs. Your why, your purpose, timing and your commitment. Timing, in my opinion, being the most crucial and decisive. Time is currency and if it not invested wisely and in a timely manner the stool, just like your business will collapse. The time is now. You have the time and it’s your time. You have a job to do and you have choices to make concerning your future opportunities and expectations and now is the time to make them.

Are you ready and prepared to make them? Are you ready and prepared for your success? Do you have the audacity to reprogram, redefine and reinvent yourself? Do you have the courage to redirect your life through the choices you make?

Many distributors have read and studied many books and spent thousands of dollars on coaches, mentors and attending seminars in an attempt to find out how to get their businesses going.

They’ve researched extensively and pondered thousands of pages of information on the Internet, in brochures and websites. They’ve listened to many CDs’ and watched many DVDs’.

I know of many distributors who have spent thousands of dollars as well as thousands of hours traveling all over the country paying for seminars in exotic places in search of that magical, competitive advantage.

After attending a seminar, wait two weeks and then ask yourself, “Has my business received value? “Has my business been rewarded?” “Have I done better and achieved more productivity in my business? Have I become a better and more productive person?” “Am I now able to get out there and talk to a stranger about my opportunity?” “Do I remember 5% of what I was taught?”

Distributors have been taught literally hundreds of topics such as, getting started, how to do and build a business, finding yourself and your why, closing sales, handling rejection, overcoming the fear of talking to people, speaking from the stage, using social media, answering objections, recruiting and how to follow through, etc.

This is all great but this is not enough and it will never be enough! Whatever knowledge you accrue over time you still have to put all this knowledge into practice and make it all work for you. You now have to fearlessly engage, invest precious time and exert the effort. You have to fearlessly go into massive action expecting massive results!

It’s easy to travel the country listening to self-proclaimed experts and attain knowledge but it’s the implementation of all this knowledge into your life and business that is ever so challenging. Knowledge is not power, never will be. It wasn’t yesterday, it isn’t today and it won’t be tomorrow. Knowledge only becomes powerful when you use it and benefit from it.

Now is the time for you to make the commitment and to be committed to your commitment. Now is the time to “Get Prepared and to Get Ready” for your success. Now is the time for you to go to work or go back to work. Now is the time for you to seize the moment and follow these TEN profound suggestions,

1. Commit to learning about your products, your company, your profession and about the professionals you share your business with.
2. Get out there and use all this knowledge to recruit and attract people to you.
3. Love what you do and do what you love. Serve those you love and love those you serve.
4. Work hard and learn from rejection, mistakes and disappointment.
5. Dig deep and unchain all those talents that have been manacled up inside you for years.
6. Follow through with people and have high expectations.
7. Focus on your health and the health of your family. A healthy body performs.
8. Never get distracted and most of all never quit on your why, your dream or your purpose.
9. Being in the limelight or expecting stage-time should never be your motive. Network marketing is more about cooperation, not competition. It’s more about humility, not pride! Remember, those who hunger or even starve for the limelight and/or stage-time always come home hungry.
10. Eliminate the words can’t and quit from your vocabulary – THEY DON’T EXIST!

God or your higher power didn’t put you on this earth to quit. He put you here to grow, progress to excel and to bless and enrich the lives of others. He put you here to serve and it is through your service that you experience abundance, joy and happiness. This is the true measure of success!

Don’t allow yourself to occupy all your time getting prepared. Many new distributors get obsessed and consumed by getting ready and prepared. They prepare to prepare, to prepare, to prepare, to prepare and before you know it the day is gone. If you want to learn how to do this business and succeed at it, just do it and you will soon learn how!

If you are like many new distributors of years gone by, you may have fell victim to the old stigma that was associated with the network marketing profession. You may have actually lived through some personal horror stories yourself.

Let all the memories of the past and past experiences go and move forward by learning from yesterday, embracing today where the stigma has practically disappeared and look forward to the abundance of tomorrow.

Network marketing is not a mom and pop business like it used to be anymore. It has attracted top-notch professionals who have indeed accelerated its growth. People don’t want to be sold anymore. They want to be inspired; they want to be amazed and they want to be convinced. Do this and people will most certainly be attracted to you and your business.

The industry today is thriving. It has evolved into one of the fastest growing, bona fide professions in the North America.

If you spend all your time living in fear and doubt, you will miss all the wonderful things that make this industry arguably, the best and most lucrative in the world for people like you. It’s also the happiest place to be in the whole world. Fear and doubt cannot occupy the same space in your mind with faith and courage.

If your why is strong enough and your purpose has great meaning and significance, your passion for your business will accelerate and the “sky will no longer be your limit.”

Being prepared and ready for success will reclaim your power and your faith will reaffirm that you are in control of your choices as well as the direction your life will take.
Your business is all about timing, as well as deprogramming and reprogramming your thinking. It’s all about redirecting your thoughts and choices.

The time is now and it is your time. You have a job to do and choices to make. Now is the time to make them. Are you ready and prepared for your success? Find the courage to make the right choices right now!

You are unique in every way, unique as a fingerprint. Throughout all history there has never been another person born quite like you and there never will be. You are beautiful and special in every way you have a unique and very special why, purpose and of course many special talents. Most you haven’t discovered yet.

You are also choice in every way. The marvel and the miracle of your existence is your reality and veracity and they are yours alone. You control your choices and inevitably, your destiny!

When you were born there was no promise to you that life would be simple. He gave you the gift of opportunity and choice. What you accomplish in your life and what you become is by your choice alone.

Please remember this! When you were born you were blessed with a special purpose that was exclusively assigned to you. It is something so extraordinary and unique that you are the only person alive that can recognize it, feel it, expand it and share it with others.

No business is immune and no profession is secure, especially in this dispensation of time. Even life itself is not secure. It’s time for you to rely upon your own intellectual assets, your why, your many talents and abilities to get things done. It’s time to rely upon your courage, your resourcefulness and your resilience.
If you are determined to pursue your why, your purpose and your goals, you will most certainly progress and evolve. You cannot choose the day or the time that you will find what you are looking for but I can assure you that what you are looking for will find you when you least expect it.

I admonish you to embrace this message and share it forward with everyone you know.

Love you all


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