Leslie & Tom's Corner


A little about us . . . 


This is a second marriage for both Tom and I. We got acquainted with each other through a singles group at church in Fort Collins, Colorado. My 15-year-old daughter had just died 2 months earlier, and I had two sons, ages 12 and 17. My daughter’s illness was believed to be hereditary, so I was done having children, and I had no intention of remarrying any time soon. Prior to my daughter’s death, I had finished my Masters Degree at CSU and had been in private practice as a Marriage & Family Therapist. At this time, though, I had just applied to become a police officer with the local PD. Tom’s divorce had been final for over a year, and he was hoping to remarry and have a family.

When we met, we became immediate friends; and over time, neither of us could see living life without the other. We planned an October wedding but changed our minds and got married on July 19, 1999. The longer version of the story is quite romantic, I’ve been told, so maybe I’ll write about it here at some point, but to bring you up to speed—when we married, Tom was working for an HVAC company, and I was in FTO training as a new police officer. Eight years down the road we found ourselves in that place of working hard all day and collapsing from exhaustion every evening--just to wake up and do it again the next day.  We were both longing for more.

I read Bill Johnson’s book, When Heaven Invades Earth, and had a dream to go to the ministry school his church started in Redding, CA. Within a few months, we both had read his second book, The Supernatural Power of the Transformed Mind, and started redesigning our life. We quit our jobs and moved to Redding in September of 2007. Tom got a great job with a company based out of Colorado that was looking for a Northern California field supervisor. I went to two years of ministry school and then was hired by the church to direct the volunteer Pastor on Call team there. 

Today, Tom is working for the same company but has received several promotions. I had an invitation from the Lord to go forward into a new adventure with Him, and with Tom's blessing, I left my job at the church in the fall of 2017 to chase after God and His plans for me. That story is a longer story and continues. I will share more about that another day.  

We love our marriage. It has been an easy and fun relationship. We’ve learned so much along the way—and we’re still learning. This webpage is meant to be somewhat of an “open book” into our lives, as we share what works for us as well as what we are thinking and talking about. Maybe along the way there will be some entertainment and encouragement for you and hopefully some thought-provoking insights that might be helpful to your own life in our adventure to Live Radiantly.